Holidailies day one – 2016

The easiest day of Holidailies and I almost forgot to post. Okay, I didn’t forget, I’ve been busy. Researching stuff all day, a meeting this evening, then home to whine that I didn’t want anything we had to eat in the house, and now here I am.

Welcome to Holidailies 2016. This is one of my favorite holiday traditions, even on the years I slack and don’t post all that much, as I love reading blog posts that are like the early online journals instead of how so many blogs are focused to one subject.

This afternoon, after a false start yesterday as they weren’t playing here*, I got to see Tre and Charlie play middle school basketball together.

Their age difference is just enough that they won’t get to play together all that much in high school so it was a delight to watch them. Heck, there were even a couple kids close to their size.

You see, Tre, 13, and Charlie, almost 12, are short.  They’re tiny and they come by it honest. My brother isn’t tall and actually was fairly short until he was about 15 or so, their mother is short, as is her whole family.

Their classmates, and teammates, tend to be much larger than them. In fact, I saw a picture of Tre at a football game (yes, tiny, short kid played JV ball this year) standing with his teammates, who were all kneeling.

He was the same height as them. They also are all about double his weight, but, he will tell you, “I’ve got heart” and then go out and tear up whatever field he is on.

Charlie is the same way. Tonight, I only got to see him play for a few minutes, but he was in your face aggressive on the court and just showing that it doesn’t matter your size on the court.

They won, by the way, which is awesome as last year I don’t think the middle school team won a single game.

They actually beat the team from the school I graduated from. They are rivals dating back to long before I went to W&L and a tiny bit of me feels bad for going against them, but as long as the niblings are at CB, that’s where my heart is.

I had to leave at halftime to cover a Planning Commission meeting. As I swooped out of the parking lot, on my gimp scooter, as that is my transportation in town, I took note of the time.

16 minutes, door to door, without having to wait to cross any of the streets due to traffic luck. My little gimp scooter sure can fly.

Now, imagine this.  Great big woman, bright tiedyed, rainbow colored dress, super bright red sweater, and to top it off, pink hair. Then, add the scooter that is zipping down sidewalks as I giggle.

I’m a sight, but it was so worth it to be able to see them play for a bit.

So, good day, all in all. Day one of December and Holidailies, got to see two of my niblings play, got to fly down the sidewalks, good PC meeting and I’m now home, safe and warm in my house.

Not a bad start to the month. (especially after the dumpster fire that most of November was. Holy shit, can y’all believe how rough of a month it was?)


*Yesterday, I went to the school, got into the cafeteria, one of Tre’s friends recognized me, and told me their game was an away game. Oops.

One Response to “Holidailies day one – 2016”

  1. Linda Johnosn Says:

    My favorite time of the year! I get to read lots of posts from YOU! Loved this one but then I have “watched” these two boys grow up from your writings and feel like I know them. Hoping to hear lots more from you as the month progresses. May December be kinder to us then November was! Sending you hugs dear girl!