Day 4.

I just spent 6.5 hours at a Gospel Sing celebrating a group that has been together 18 years.

No, lightning didn’t strike, nor did they turn me to their ways. I did enjoy the music as even if I don’t share their beliefs doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate good voices and a great show.


It did however go on hours and hours longer than I anticipated. 11 groups of gospel singers from DMV, Delaware, NC, and one from Mississippi. I got some great pictures including one incredible church lady hat.

I just love church lady clothes and hats. I grew up Catholic and you dressed for church. Head to toe, perfect hair, beautiful, normally stiff dress, tights, and shined shoes.

I’m old enough that women still wore hats, a lot, when I was a child. I remember loving the different hats on the women.

Unfortunately, I am really out of time for tonight, so a picture from the evening.

churchladyIsn’t the hat amazing? It was even better in person as it sparkled. And, I love the sparkle.

One Response to “Day 4.”

  1. Melanie Says:

    I don’t recall too many hats, but my Mom would spend hours dressing for church!! Her hair and makeup had to be just so, had a closet packed with dresses, shoes, and a million clutch purses.