Friday dawned beautifully with no rain in sight. The event has dealt with massive rain in the past so this was a beautiful site for the Chamber of Commerce and On the Beach Productions, LLC. Just before noon the Veterans’ Appreciation ride came in from the National Museum of the Marine Corps in Quantico, VA.

A number of motorcycles ride on the street.

Veterans on motorcycles participated in a ride from Quantico to Colonial Beach

A white man sits on an orange motorcycle in front of a diner car

A motorcyle in front of Hunan Diner.

a white woman in a purple tanktop sits at a sewing machine surrounded by patches.

The “Patch Queen” does a brisk business of sewing patches to leather gear

A white man in a red t-shirt and black leather vest, or cut, with  his MC's patch faces away from the camera.

A biker from Moore County, NC in his cut watches the crowd



A white man wearing a cowboy hat and holding a guitar points at the camera

Guitarist from the “Road Ducks” points at the camera


A bald white man stands in front of a microphone.

Singer for the “RoadDucks”


A white man, very cleancut, wearing sunglasses adn a grey shirt holds a microphone.

CB Mayor Eddie Blunt addresses the crowd


A white man in khaki naval uniform and glasses holds a microphone

Naval Commander addresses the crowd


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