Tonight was the annual Winter Concert and Christmas Tree auction. The local PTA auctions off small trees that the various grades sponsor and put items into.

Last year I won several, the year before two, I spent entirely too much money on them in the past, but it’s such a good fundraiser for the school and the PTA. As few volunteers as our PTA gets, it’s worth it to me.

This year, I ended up with one tree. No big theme, it came with cute ornaments, wrapping paper (six rolls) and is really just adorable. I bid on the Star Wars tree, but as I really don’t need it I stopped at $65. Last I saw it was up to $80.

My sister, Katie, also goes and bids on the trees. She’s as competitive as I am so we end up not bidding on the same trees.  One year my Mom and I ended up bidding up a tree we both wanted to $100. Yeah, I paid (of course I won, competitive) $100 for the tree.

It was pretty awesome though as it was a tree themed with the high schools’ colors and mascots. I gave the shirts on it to the kids and kept the scarf that was the tree skirt.

Along with the auction, the concert is always so much fun. The little kids are so much fun with how into they get. Coren was in the youngest group and that boy is a ham. At one point during the song instead of following the actual movements, he ended up dabbing.

I was done. I started giggling and had to cover my head. He’s too much.

I’m almost out of major Christmas related activities in town. There is the house tour this weekend, but I do not cover it (houses aren’t typically handicap accessible and neither is the town trolley that takes people to it.)

I have the just outside of town fire department’s installation Saturday night, Town Council Saturday morning. Art Walk Friday evening (we do a second Friday art walk here because the next town over has there’s First Friday.)

Oh, I have a meeting Friday morning. Almost forgot about that.

All evening I have been thinking that I am forgetting something I am supposed to do tomorrow. It still isn’t coming to me, but hopefully, I’ll remember before it happens.

I really think it might be those council meetings used to be held on this Thursday of the month that is still pinging in my brain. Who knows? It’s been a busy week.

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