My insurance company is frustrating the hell out of me.

I’m on a number of medications, see, cancer survivor, diabetic, with chronic pain and lymphedema. So, meds.

While, I am grateful that I have insurance, I am also fed up as hell. Everything was lined up, one day a month an hour’s drive, each way, to get my medications.

Then my insurance decided I needed to get a bunch of them from mail order. Okay, I can handle that except it’s a pain in the ass and they still haven’t fixed my synthroid prescription so I am going without that.

Recently they decided to change their rules on preauthorizations for my pain medications. They gave me one, then fought us on the other. And fought and fought and fought.

They finally approved it, but only for 84 pills. My doctor prescribed 3 a day times 30 days a month, so 90 pills. They refuse to pay for those last six.

It’s ridiculous. So, tonight I went and got that prescription and one other. Due to insurance screwing around my other one won’t be approved to be paid for until tomorrow.

Again, an hour’s drive away. An hour’s drive home.

I have to cover multiple things this weekend for the paper, meetings, installations, an art show. I have a photography shoot on Sunday.

Monday is deadline day.

I am fed up with all of this. These medications keep me alive, keep me working, keep my going.

This tires me.

Tomorrow between meetings I get to call the insurance company and fight them on some other things they aren’t covering. One of which is my Mirena IUD.

I need the Mirena as I have endometrial hyperplasia. Without it I could develop endometrial cancer. They fought it last time, they’re fighting us this time.

I’m 42. I like my uterus where it is.

I also like the side effect of no chance of pregnancy. (Yes, that’s a change from the past. A story for another day.)

If I didn’t have a history of infertility they would cover it with no problem as needed for birth control, but to stop me from having another form of cancer they won’t?

The hell?

Gah, I need a drink.

3 Responses to “Seven”

  1. Mary Says:


  2. KarenD Says:

    I emphatize. I’ve only got one medication I take regularly and getting that has been getting increasingly annoying. I suspect that’s by design. It’s a low dose, maybe they’re hoping I’ll just decide to stop taking it and see what happens.

  3. Melanie Says:

    Oh I hope you get it all straightened out. One of my meds is being dropped by my prescription plan in January. I was so mad. My doc writes a prescription for me and the insurance is saying you don’t need to take that one so if you do, we’re not paying for it. So frustrating.