I have resolutions for 2018. I never do these, but here we go.
Be more positive. Look at things from the side of happiness. For too many years I have let depression steal my joy.
Ignore the haters. I work in a job where some people are pretty damn awful to me. It seems they forget that the person they are downing is their neighbor. Or a person that supported them a lot in the past.
You know what? I can ignore them.
Do things I’m afraid of. Go up high, try something I’m likely to fail it. Learn things that I have always wanted to try.
Failure is okay.
Write more personally. I did a lot of writing that was published nowhere this year. Things that were just for me. pages and pages of writing that worked through so many things.
I want to do more of that in 2018.
Take more pictures. 2018, daily pictures. They may not get uploaded every day, but they will exist.
More portrait work. I like doing them a lot. I plan on focusing on portrait work in 2018.
I also want to be faster at my editing turnaround. Unfortunately, I need more time in the day to do that or to figure out a better workflow.
Lose more weight. I’m down over 80 pounds now. Other than the past two days (stress, dammit) I have been eating on plan. Tonight? I’m in a shit ton of pain.
Which means the eating plan is working. Vegetables, fruits, superfoods, lean protein and I feel so much better. When I veer from this, I hurt.
Back to plan tomorrow and on into 2018.
Any plans for your new year?

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