A white woman with dirty blonde/light brown hair looks at the camera.

Stuck in a bed for almost a year now, 10 full months of illness and well, I’m over it. I’m ready to be back to my normal life. Running around CB, writing about the town and town government for the paper. Taking pictures of events and people and every little thing I see.

For a part of my hospitalization I was so ill that I didn’t take care of myself. I didn’t keep up with my skin routine or anything other than watching tv on my Chromebook.

When my eczema was screaming at me I decided I had to go back to taking care of myself. Tony brought me my skin things, Cetaphil to wash my skin, a generic spinny brush to exfoliate, my eye cream, the L’oreal face serum and night moisturizer I use.

He brings me a basin of warm water and I take my time, wetting my skin with a cloth, rubbing my Cetaphil cleanser in, then rinsing it off, gently. Using the brush a couple times a week to make sure the dead skin cells are gone.

I dry my face, then rub my eye cream in, lightly with a soft touch as I was always told that tugging on your eye skin would hurt it.

I pump two pumps of Revitalift serum on my fingers and rub that all over my face, it goes a long way and covers even my big face with ease.

At night the night moisturizer goes on over it, another L’oreal product aimed at middle-aged women like me. I get compliments from my nurses on my skin on a regular basis, told I don’t look 46.

I always tell them it’s because I don’t have children, when really, I always looked much older than I was until my mid-30s then it seems I have slowed down in the aging process.

I don’t study my skin, but I glance at it to make sure I have rubbed all the product in and that is my entire skincare routine.

Keeping it up has helped with my spirits. I feel better and stronger when my skin is taken care of. It’s one of the few things that help me feel like myself in a situation that is beyond anything I thought would ever happen to me.

4 Responses to “Skin”

  1. Jeannette Holman Says:

    You look fabulous! And, I love your honey blond hair!!

  2. Jeannette Holman Says:

    My exclamation marks turned into question marks ?

  3. Suzy Pietras-Smith Says:

    I fixed it!

  4. Yvette Says:

    Colonial Beach misses you so very much !… Hurry home XOXO