There is no sleep tonight.

I am up in the middle of the night rewatching “Sex and the City” and actually enjoying it. It will make for a tired day tomorrow.

Just a few days ago I saw an ad for the new SATC season that is on the way this month. With the three characters who are there (no Samantha) all being married I am curious how this will go.

I will be said if any of them are divorced but I imagine that will happen.

Man, I need to trim my nails, typing is tough like this.

For the first time in 24 years, I have nice nails. No dishwashing, or house cleaning, less typing and they have grown nicley, but now I don’t understand how women with super long nails survive. They just get in the way although I do love painting them.

Yes, even in the hospital I am still painting them. I invested in some OPI and was gifted some and now I have festive red and glitter nails.

See, I’m trying to have some seasonal spirit.

time for bed.

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  1. KarenD Says:

    I’m glad you’re finding some joy in nail polish. I can’t do very long nails either.