Busy weekend

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We had a very busy weekend, Potomac River Festival and the wedding of two of our dear friends.

There will be a huge update soon, for now you get pictures.

The Wedding

Pictures from festival will come with the update as I’m too tired to do anything else.

Have a great week.



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No I didn’t watch Britney Spears’ “reality” show nor will I. I am not Britney obsessed, hell if I wanted to watch a trashy chick with her even trashier husband make the mistake of bringing a child into their world I can spin around in any direction in this town.

Now, I did go see Star Wars. Tony and I bought tickets online a few hours prior to the 12:01 AM premiere and beat feet up to the theater. Where at 10:30 there was a line from hell to wait until they actually allowed us inside.

Yes, there were people in costume. And lightsabers and geeks and well, a whole lot of people missing work and/or school the next day. A few hundred as a matter of fact. We stood (okay, he stood, I sat in my chair) in line listening to various conversations and wishing that we had popcorn right that minute to eat.

When, I had almost given in and asked Tony to hike instead to the building, and where we were at it was a hike, to get popcorn when the line began to move. It’s a good thing I hadn’t because I would have sat there, by myself in the parking lot, since I can wheel my chair about, oh, 10 feet without help. (Yes, I have an electric chair but, it is for moving about, not sitting in for 1.5 in line, then another 3 hours or so for the movie.)

As we worked our way towards the building I got more and more excited. I’m so the queen of the geeks. Even though, I haven’t been a lifelong Star Wars fan, I have been counting down to this movie in my head, on paper, and aloud to Tony for a long time.

In fact, I had never seen any of the original trilogy before I met Tony. Then, they came out as “Special Editions” in the theaters and we went to them. Tony to see them as an adult on the big screen and me to see them at all.

And, I fell in love. Even with the horrendous acting (Hello, Mark Hamill, Carrie Fisher, I’m so looking at you), the dialogue that is worse than what you see in a pretentious film students first “film”, and the whole Han “frozen in carbonite but, still gained a shitload of weight” Solo stuff. I loved them.

I became obsessed, reading forums and Usenet, spoilers and fan sites. My obsession was to the point that I read the script to Episode I and still went to see it. And, then JarJar. Good God, in what universe was JarJar Binks a good idea? Why Lucas? WHY? I wanted to rip his ears off and amputate his arms about 3 minutes into the movie.

But, I let that go. Padme’s (as Amidala) costumery pulled me in. The landscapes, the beauty. I let the crappiness go and went into the story. Fuck the fact that poor Jake “I work security forever as I can’t fucking act” Lloyd had the worst lines in the history of movies. I quote “Yippee!”

I let it ride and allowed myself to get excited about Episode II. Okay, a little better, I mean come on, the start of Boba Fett. Other than that, yeah, blah. Same gorgeous landscapes, cool aliens, not so much of the pretty Padme but, I dealt. And JarJar, much less JarJar. Although I was still wishing for someone, anyone, to run a lightsaber through his long eared, lopping ass.

And, it ended and I was looking immensely forward to III. I knew (hell, we all knew) that III had to have a whole lot of the story crammed into it. We know the story, we just don’t know the details.

There was the whole Clone Wars anime-style cartoon series which gave away some. Oh, like General Grievous, and other bits and things but, that more fed my addiction. I needed Episode III.

So, we’re back, going into the theater. The ramp up is cut by a velvet rope on giant, heavy ass stands. And, my chair won’t fit, I can’t move them. There was a sweet man behind us though, who moved them out of the way for me. He had also kept us entertained in line as he talked with people around him, and on his cellphone to his wife.

Especially when he was discussing the guys parked near the parking lot entrance. As we swung into the parking lot, our headlights (and they are bright and high, bitches) lit up a couple of guys who were holding up Star Wars toys they were trying to sell. I threatened to holler out “Give me a Darth Tater or I saber you” but, Tony looked at me like I was nuts.

Okay, back inside. We were scooted to the third theater showing the film as it was the best chance of us getting to sit together. (Limited wheelchair parking and lots of asshats sit in the seats beside them and refuse to move. Notice, if someone in a chair comes in, move, jackass. There are more than 100 other seats, there are 2 or 3 spots for wheelchairs, don’t be that asshole.)

Tony went to get popcorn and I waited. And waited. Every minute took a thousand years. All I wanted to see was that yellow scroll across the screen. Commercials, then finally, finally previews began.

The movei theater was the quietest I have ever heard. There was barely anyone breathing. When it finally started I almost squealed. Hell, the inner geek girl within was dancing, squealing, and spinning all at once.

For the next 2.5 hours I barely moved. Well, other than when…

Okay, I’m not spoilering you. I know some of you want to wait until the crowds die down. I liked the movie a lot. It pleased the geek in me and made me happy. Don’t get me wrong, the dialogue was still bad, the acting: wooden. I was still happy with it, overall. We will be seeing it again but, I don’t think we’ll be taking Timmy as a couple scenes are way too much for children.

Now that the series has ended, I’m still the Star Wars geek girl but, I won’t obsess so much.
I’ll read some of the fan stuff, discuss the movies with other geeks and still think Boba Fett was pretty bad ass. But, the obsession won’t be as bad.

Well, other than my obessesion with owning a Darth Tater, damnit.

2 days in a row? Don’t get used to it.

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I’ve been awake for over an hour and I’ve only had 1.5 hours sleep, blame Tre if this is disjointed.

Last night, about 1 AM, I shut down the computer, turned off the light, got ready for bed and heard “knock, knock, knock…. Love you.” I swung open the bedroom door and in came my darling little nephew.

Cute, okay, I’ll hold him, rock him back to sleep then put him back to bed, I thought. He cuddled into me, I rocked him.

And rocked.

And rocked.

And rocked.

Until he got tired of it, got out of my lap and said “Mama.” Okay, cool, I’ll take him back to her and settle him in. No problem. I changed his bottom, kissed him on the top of his little blonde head and laid him down.

I gimped back up the hall, into the room, changed my top, as he had snotted all over my shirt during the rocking. I sat on the bed and again “Knock, knock, knock… Love you.”

Okay, still cute, Tony wasn’t home, climb into bed with me, kiddo. So, he did. And he cuddled and we snuggled and he twiddled my rings. (Tre has this thing where, as he’s falling asleep he likes to play with a ring on someone’s hand.) He would not close his eyes.

And, he didn’t. He did his normally /drop the bottle, roll onto my belly, good night/ thing but, instead, he wrapped his little arms around my head, pull me towards him, kissed me and again declared “Love you.”

Yes, heart melting, my God, you’re such a beautiful child, I adore you, type thing. Except by now, it’s 4:30 in the morning. And by 7 AM, I have you and your little brother.

I beg, I plead, I cuddle, he is not going to sleep. At almost 5 AM, I finally passed him off to someone else, smashed face first into my pillows and zonked. As you all can see it is 8AM, I’ve been awake more than an hour after going to sleep at 5. Yeah, not a good day, even if I am watching two of the cutest (the third is with his Uncle Tony) boys on the planet.

But, I posted two days in a row.

Mother’s Day 2005

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Oh, what a wonderful thing to find in my comments from a post I made last year about this time. And, I quote:

” Patriarchal Oppressor (patriarch@mailinator.com) wrote the
Why not adopt? Why not be a foster mother? There are millions of
children in the Empire that would appreciate a willing woman such as
yourself. Don’t tell me: it has to be ‘truly yours’, right? In a
nation where any employed male can be nominated to be an ‘alleged
father’ or ‘obligor’ or ‘payor’ you’re still hung up on eugenics. A
child is a source of tax-free income for your ilk. You want the
child for the tax free income and breeder benefits that come along
with it. You will no doubt decide to ‘find yourself’ with some
lesbian trinket you might meet while spending the alleged father’s
paycheck. And yes, you take half his hard-earned with you because
you ‘earned’ it by dropping out a future pawn.”

Now, as all of y’all who have read more than one entry here, know, Tony and I plan on adopting in a few years. We’ve been planning that for years, as a matter of fact.

Why the fuck some cocksucking “childfree” bastard would decide to make comments like that is beyond me. And, yes, it’s one of those. One of those childfree babyhaters (I believe that started with Rob, as he’s been attacked by these asses in the past.)

Now, I don’t have a problem if you don’t want to have kids. Fine, no sweat of my back but, don’t come to my site and tell me what I should do or who I am, you stupid fuckers. Especially on Mother’s Day, asswipe.

My response, point to point “ Why not adopt? Why not be a foster mother?”

I plan on adopting. I can’t be a foster mother in VA due to my disability.

There are millions of
children in the Empire that would appreciate a willing woman such as
yourself. Don’t tell me: it has to be ‘truly yours’, right?”

Again, slowly, in bold face type I PLAN ON ADOPTING.

In a
nation where any employed male can be nominated to be an ‘alleged
father’ or ‘obligor’ or ‘payor’ you’re still hung up on eugenics. A
child is a source of tax-free income for your ilk.”

I’m not repeating it again. But, also source of income? Hello, I’m married and have been since October of 1998. We plan on adopting together. I will not be using him as a source of tax-free income.

You want the
child for the tax free income and breeder benefits that come along
with it. You will no doubt decide to ‘find yourself’ with some
lesbian trinket you might meet while spending the alleged father’s
paycheck. And yes, you take half his hard-earned with you because
you ‘earned’ it by dropping out a future pawn”

Really? Hmm. I won’t be giving birth to a child, asshole. Nor will I be leaving my husband for anyone.

Now, is life that fucking horrible for childfree babyhaters? Do you have no life and have to spend your time searching for people with children to insult or people who can’t have children to insult? Do you not have a million other things to do with your life? I mean, other than taking care of your furbabies? And, yes, I’ve seen that on many childfree sites.

Get a grip on reality, get out of my life, and off my site. And, be forewarned, if you leave comments that insult me, I’ll delete them and IP ban you. My site, my comments, I pay for it. Now, fuck off.

Thirty on my 30th.

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Since today, April 21st, 2005 is my 30th birthday, I decided to write a list. 30 things about me.

30 good things about the past 10 years:

1. I met my husband.
2. I was published for the first time.
3. I started an online journal that has lasted five years.
4. I learned to drive decently.
5. I made lots of friends from all over the world.
6. Kyrstin was born.
7. Tre was born.
8. Charlie was born.
9. I become of another family through my husband.
10. I joined the Women of the Moose.
11. I grew my hair out long.
12. I learned to accept being fat.
13. I watched my friends have children.
14. My closest friends remained my friends.
15. I learned to cook.
16. I learned basic html.
17. I found the internet.
18. I solidified my thoughts on a lot of issues.
19. I stuck to them.
20. I voted in every election I could vote in.
21. I worked on many elections.
22. I found 3WA.
23. I found TUS.
24. My religious and spirituality became more intertwined into something worthwhile.
25. I was tested on many things and stood my ground.
26. I quit fighting my hair and learned to love the wild frizz.
27. I learned how to drink like an adult.
28. I still have fun in life with things that many call immature, only now I don’t care what people think about it.
29. I became disabled and learned to accept it. And, yes it is a good thing as it is part of me.
30. I became me.