Charles Ronald…

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Here he is, the newest member of our tribe.

Yes, that is Kingdom of Loathing in the background, I’m an addict.

Now, about our Charlie. He’s a little piggy. His entire goal in life is to eat as much as humanly possible for a brand new person. At his four day doctor appointment, he was one ounce short of his birth weight.

His feet are enormous. They are as big, in proportion, as a size 14 or 15 would be on a short man. And, he does not like having his feet, nor his butt, messed with. Every diaper change is a test, as he screams through them.

Other than that, Charlie is a quiet little guy, just like his big brother, Tre. Tre is in love with his brother, having to kiss him, good morning, good night, there you are, oh, just let me love him, etc.

Welcome to the World…

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Lori and Richie (my brother and his girlfriend) just gave birth to a sweet baby boy. Charles Ronald was born just a little while ago weighing 7 pounds 1 ounce and 20 inches long.

Pictures later in the week.

Dear You,

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I know you’re using my friendship. I realize that, I am not stupid. You pop in and out, talk to me for a minute then wander off. Keeping my friendship on the line for when you need it.

And, I hate myself for allowing it.

A smile pops onto my face when you first talk to me, no matter how hard I try to not smile. Hearing your voice makes me happy for some odd reason.

I hate that.

I know your type. Hell, my teenage years were encompassed by people just like you. Until I was 21 they were like that. Then, I thought I had woken up.

In a way I have. At least I recognize it now, even if I am too damn nice to get away from it.

I really hate that.

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I’m fine. A combination of the virus and gall bladder. I was having major issues with getting to my email (for notify list people) and logging into blogger, but I am okay.

I should have a longer update tonight, I’m working on it, now.

Have a great Sunday afternoon.

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I know, I know. I suck.

But, really I have a good excuse. And, right now, I’m sick as a dog, you can’t holler at me, damnit.

It seems the 17 month old germ factory (otherwise known as my nephew Tre) has infected me with some sort of evil virus that renders me unable to do anything other than lie there and moan. Oh, and post mean posts everywhere that I try to post.

Obviously, I’m fucking cranky. My head hurts, sinuses are jammed to the brim, chest is achy, plus I can not eat. Yes, I know, fat people shouldn’t eat, yeah, well fuck that. Since Saturday I’ve had 1 piece of toast, 1/2 cup of rice, and about 6 crackers. Every last bite of it, fucking hurt.

Now, I’m not nausaeus. Not, at all. It just fucking hurts. Imagine someone taking a rusty knife and jamming it into your abdomen, just to the left of your actual stomach, over and over again. That’s what happens every time I try to even inhale the scent of food. There’s nothing there, it’s nowhere near your gall bladder or appendix, so I’m fucking clueless.

I’m having to pause every four or five words to hold the spot on my stomach, which is making my writing even more disjointed than normal.

You know what? Fuck this. I’m starting to get scared about the pain. I’ll let y’all know what happens with it.