Virginia Politicians have lost their fucking minds….

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While reading blogs this morning I ran across a link from Chez Miscarriage to this site: Democracy for Virginia. In particular a link to this post.

Now, if you don’t want to follow that link, let me give you a quick summary of it. A Virginia Delegate, John Cosgrove, has introduced bill HB1677 to the Virginia House of Delegates. This bill is to make it law that a woman who miscarries, when not in the presence of her doctor, has to report the miscarriage to the police within 12 hours or face a class 1 misdemeanor.

What do you face if charged with this and found guilty: “confinement in jail for not more than 12 months and a fine of not more than $2500, either or both.”

Up to a year in jail for suffering a miscarriage and not reporting it. What the holy hell is going on here?

Oh, and this is not the worst of the bill. Included in the bill is the information that will be on the form for reporting fetal death. If you have a miscarriage and report it properly, you must give all of this information:

  • place of occurrence
  • usual residence of patient (mother)
  • full maiden name of patient
  • medical record number and social security number of patient
  • Hispanic origin, if any, and race of patient
  • age of patient
  • education of patient
  • sex of fetus
  • patient married to father
  • previous deliveries to patient
  • single or plural delivery and order of plural delivery
  • date of delivery
  • date of last normal menses and physician’s estimate of gestation
  • weight of fetus in grams
  • month of pregnancy care began (sic)
  • number of prenatal visits
  • when fetus died
  • congenital malformations, if any
  • events of labor and delivery
  • medical history for this pregnancy
  • other history for this pregnancy
  • obstetric procedures and method of delivery
  • autopsy
  • medical certification f cause of spontaneous fetal death
  • signature of attending physician or medical examiner including title, address and date signed
  • method of disposal of fetus
  • signature and address of funeral director or hospital representative
  • date received by registrar
  • registrar’s signature
  • registration area and report numbers.

In other words, you lose out on any aspect of privacy during one of life’s worst moments. Not only do you have to inform the police officer who takes the report of your miscarriage, but of your past medical history, past pregnancies (and their outcomes, i.e. miscarriage, abortion, live birth, or still born.)

You know what? I am outraged. It’s not bad enough that women’s rights are being chipped away in the Commonwealth of Virginia, one at a time, now they just want to completely toss the right to privacy out the window.

And, before anyone asks, this bill means fetal death of any gestational age. If you are 4 weeks pregnant and miscarry, you will have to report the miscarriage within 12 hours or face jail time and a fine.

I beg of you, if you are a Virginia resident, write your Representative and tell them you want this bill squashed. If you know a Virginia resident, let them know about this, so they can write their representatives. You can find that information here. This is going to be a hard fought bill as Cosgrove is a Republican and Virginia has a majority of Republicans in office right now.

This isn’t an abortion issue. This is a privacy issue. Regardless of where your feelings lie about abortion, no woman should have to report a miscarriage to the police. It is a private matter between the woman, her partner, and her doctor. No one else has the right to this information. NO ONE!

If you are one of my readers who has a blog of their own, I ask you to link to this information or to the Democracy for Virginia Site. This bill must not pass if women are to retain any right to privacy in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

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We’re home, well let me rephrase that, I’m home. Yes, a few days late, without my husband. I have entries in the works for the past 10 days, that I’ll post one at a time along with regular daily entries.

Now, where Tony is, on our way home from Williamsburg on the 19th, we stopped by Tony’s parents to see them and thank them. Tony’s Mom has been sick, in fact she has pneumonia and has been on medication for it. She seems to be slowly getting better. Tony’s Dad has been fighting a cold, or so we thought.

On Sunday evening, late, we started home. Unfortunately, or fortunately, in the end, it had started to snow and was windy as hell. We made it about a mile before realizing how horrible visibility was and we still had another 59 miles to go.

Around we turned and headed back to their house. Monday morning, Tony’s Dad was getting worse, he had a doctor’s appointment later in the day, so we stuck around so Tony could drive him. An hour and 45 minutes later we got a call that they had called an ambulance and were taking him to the hospital. Tony came back to the house got his Mom and I stayed with Timmy (Tony’s nephew) while they went off.

Tony’s Dad was admitted and diagnosed with pneumonia. His oxygen saturation rate was low, even on oxygen. He’s still there and will be for who knows how long. They did chest xrays Monday and it was definitely, at least pneumonia. After they reviewed the films further they saw something suspiscious.

Which brings us to now, they’re doing a scan tomorrow to see if they can view the suspiscious area better. Tony’s sister is on her way (as I write this) from the airport in Baltimore (which is 4 hours from Tony’s parents house, she’s spending more time driving than flying.)

The doctors wouldn’t say what they think it is, and were all praying for the best that it is just the fluid sitting oddly. I don’t have much else to say tonight, it’s 3AM, I have some unpacking to do before I can sleep and a busy couple of days ahead.

Actually, I do have some more to say, Mom had her surgery, she’s doing well. I’ve only talked to her a couple of times since it was done, obviously she’s down for the count on Christmas for the family. Which, means it is my deal.

And to think less than a month ago I was grateful about everyones’ health. Yeah, I’m pretty much done with jinxing the family.


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I know, I know. I thought I would have computer access this week, but I haven’t. Tony and I are off enjoying our Christmas gift from his parents, a week at their time share in Williamsburg, VA and I have been offline. Not, that I haven’t been writing, in fact when I’m home again, I’ll have pages and pages of content for you all. More Suzy than anyone would want as a matter a fact.

And, I’m updating through Blogger, just until I am home as I can’t exactly ftp an entry up to my site since they have this weird ass filtering software on here. Put it this way, Kymm’s site is blocked. Kymm?!? As if she really is someone who should be blocked. I mean come on, my site isn’t and I certainly swear a lot more than she does. Pah, Pandafilter you suck the balls.

As for this week, it has been bliss. Other than worrying about my Mom. A few months ago her doctor convinced her that gastric bypass surgery would cure all her ills and everything that has ever been wrong in the world. Well, today was the day. We found out just a couple of weeks ago of the date, this trip had already been set, and really we’re only 100 miles from home. She had the surgery today and is in her room, recovering fine. I’m not pleased about it, but any of you all who read FatBottomedGirlsdotNet know my thoughts about weight loss surgery and how doctors push it. I’m grateful she came through the surgery fine even when I’m wishing she never did it in the first place.

I’ve lazed about, caught up on my magazine reading, read a book or two and really just been a giant sloth this week. I plan on remaining that way until we leave on Sunday to go home. I might drag myself out to ride around Colonial Williamsburg tomorrow, if it isn’t as cold.

If it is still as cold, the furthest I will be dragging myself is over here to the recreation center to make another long, drug out post about nothing much, really. Or maybe dipping my chubby toes into the water of the indoor pool. We’ll see.

Have a great week.

Suzy Smith

Things I’m grateful for (a list in progress)

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1. My husband.

2. My parents.

3. Tony’s parents.

3. My nieces, both blood related and not.

4. My nephews, both blood related and not.

5. My nephew who is due February 3rd.

6. My Granny.

7. 2 sisters.

8. 1 brother.

9. My sister-in-laws, one by my marriage, one by love.

10. My friends at who have made my life better.

11. My health, even with my annual holiday illness.

12. A roof over my head.

13. Food in my stomach.

14. My friends, near and far, even those I haven’t heard from in awhile.

15. My car, old and beat down, but it is paid for.

16. The way Tre says “love you.”

17. How Kyrsie calls me, Aunt Pooh.

18. How Timmy hugs me tight around the neck.

19. The way Lexi says Aunt Suzy, so solemn and so sweet.

20. Kisses on my forehead.

21. Help cutting potatoes.

22. Handholding.

23. 6 years of marriage.

24. Tony brushing my hair.

25. Sleep talking whispered “I Love Yous”.

26. Hugs.

27. Baby kisses.

28. Tre blowing bye-bye kisses.

29. Kyrsie telling me stories.

30. Tony bringing me a drink and only whining a little.

31. Laughter.

32. The way my Dad remembers every joke you’ve ever played on him. And vows to get you back (and he will, he still owes me for a water episode of 7 years ago. About every 6 months he reminds me that he will get me.)

33. How I can sit here for a little while instead of cooking. Not that I’m done, just on hold.

34. Hamburgers.

35. Fall.

36. Candles.

37. Campfires.

38. Camping.

39. Trips to Williamsburg.

40. The way Tony’s hair curls up when it is humid.

41. My comforter on cold nights.

42. Heck, my husband on cold nights.

43. Anonymous people who help me out.

44. My wedding ring.

45. How wonderful stale Peeps taste.

46. Chocolate.

47. Sleeping next to the love of my life.

48. Naps on the couch with a baby in my arms.

49. Books.

From scenic downtown Colonial Beach…

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Hey, if have to be here, I at least am going to be cheerful about it, although I would like to smack some of the louder patrons. Damn, I miss the old “shhh, quiet” librarians who hushed people when they spoke too loud. And, the blasted earphones on this computer are broken so I can’t even drown out the voices with some sort of music.

As for when I’ll be back online? Who knows? Eventually, as of right now, it is still a lost cause. We’ll see.