Christmas up to my ears

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Today was one of those days working for the paper. I’ll go a week and have very little to cover. Or a couple weeks with a couple decent stories.

Then, a day like today. You see, I write for a small weekly paper. There aren’t many of us and we actually have a new (fresh out of college, even) editor.

There were half a dozen events for me to cover today. I spent my day running (ha, scootering, go gimpy girl, go) from one location to another.
Breakfast with Santa first thing this morning. Cute little kids getting to spend good quality time with Santa Claus. Much fun, over fairly quickly.

Next was onto the vendor fair. That was well, slow, not many vendors, few people, but some interesting items. I got some good pictures and onward.

Time for the Christmas parade. More adorable kids, vintage cars, a couple floats, and SANTA! It was over quickly, as it isn’t a big thing in town, but enjoyable enough.


Onward I rushed to the local Episcopal church to take pictures of their volunteers on the fifth anniversary of their monthly “feed the community” lunch.

I zipped through there, talked to a few eating, a few volunteers, and then, WinterFest. Kids, again, Santa, again, Actually the Santa from the parade. Activities and food and too much, my goodness, I was getting tired by now.

Several hours of this and I was done.  And, all of this before the sun went down.

No, I’m not through yet. The lighted boat parade on the river. The one that starts at 5, but didn’t actually start until 5:30 PM. I’m still cold from that, to the point that my bones hurt.  It was gorgeous though and worth it.

Finally, grocery shopping as it was shop or go to McDonald’s. I just couldn’t. I had it earlier in the day and no, just no more today.

Groceries, done. Home, cooked dinner (simple soup and grilled cheese as I said above freezing.)

Now, we have Bad Santa streaming and I am getting ready to crash before I start all over tomorrow. As, I will have my tree up before Tony goes back to work on Tuesday morning.

(also, five in a row, bitches. holy shit.)


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It’s late, close to midnight. I have had no time today to actually sit here and write.

Too much going on, plus a migraine and an early, busy as hell, day tomorrow.

I need a drink, but instead I’m drinking tea.


It will get better, life will slow down. It has to slow down soon. Or, I’m going to curl into a ball somewhere until I get enough sleep to feel better.

So, I’ll leave you tonight with a few year old picture of Santa at the WinterFest parade.



Jingle Bells

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I had the privilege of covering the Colonial Beach Elementary School’s holiday concert tonight. Not only did I get to watch all sorts of local kids look adorable, but got to see three of my niblings be entirely too cute.

It brought me to memories of my little sister in a turtleneck and tights, carrying an old heavy, phone being one of the four calling birds.

Or when I was a member of the local Baptist church’s children’s choirs even though I was Catholic. Wearing white or blue robes and sitting in the too packed church, row upon row of children, sweating underneath our clothes as we waited for our turn.

Then onto high school where I was a member of the W&L choir for several years. I do have to say that we were damn good and our holiday concert was amazing. Our robes were worn for the holiday show and I really loved every second of it.

Watching Jylian, Coren, and Shawn start down this path toward hopefully years of shows made my heart sing right along with them.


It also put me in the holiday spirit a little bit. Just a tiny bit, but enough that there are now decorations on the outside of my house and the start on the inside. 3 weeks and a day to go. Ho Ho Ho.


Day 2-Holidailies 2015

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Nothing more from CVS Caremark today. I’ll call them tomorrow to force the issue, hopefully.


Today has just been long. I got a few things done. Some things put away, a few more boxes taken care of, a good dinner made. I didn’t get nearly enough done.

I never do.

On the average day, I just do not have enough spoons to do everything I need to do. (Search Spoon Theory if you’ve never heard of it before.)

I’m worn. I’m stressed. I’m tired.

It’s 11:00 PM and I am way beyond ready for bed, yet, I need to get more done tonight. I don’t see it happening, instead I’m sitting here writing as I want to be back in the habit of writing that isn’t for work.

It is more difficult at 40 than it was at 25. When I started this journal/site/project back when I was so much younger I just wrote whatever came to mind.

Now, I can’t. There are too many people who are local to me that read this. There are too many town busybodies who pick over every thing I write, no matter where it is, for me to be completely honest with my words.


There are many things I would write about, but could be used against me.
Oh, hell, maybe, tomorrow, when I’m not so tired and worn and just done, I’ll actually delve into something that matters.

For tonight, I at least sat down here, wrote a few words, and uploaded them. That alone is a win. Two days in a row, I wrote on here.


Two days, wow.

The CVS Caremark Saga part 1, so far.

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A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away….

Wait, wait, wrong story, too soon, that doesn’t start for 17 more days.

Yesterday I had a doctor’s appointment, only the second visit with this primary care doctor and she sent off the pile of prescriptions to the pharmacy for me.

As I’m sitting there watching them ring them up, the total comes up. Nearly 2.5 times what I normally spend a month on prescriptions. Now, yes, I had a new one, however, there was no way that could be correct.

The lovely(really amazing) cashier handed me the pile of papers and I began to look at them. Every single copay was incorrect. Between 50%  to 200% higher than it should’ve been.

I questioned them, they looked it up, it had definitely been run through the insurance, and yes they were all much higher than previously.

Now, I just didn’t have that kind of money for one month’s prescriptions. I’m on a bunch of medications and being chronically ill (for those who might be new here, I’m a cancer survivor with diabetes, chronic pain, lymphedema, and a bunch of other things) it’s understandable that they cost a bit.

However, I was just stunned at the amount.

I pulled over to the one corner, in the store, and started to call my insurance. The first five times as I was waiting for an actual human being they disconnected from me.

Finally, a human being. Now at this point I’m pissed at the entire situation, I’m tired, in pain, and I’m out of two of the meds.

She starts to look at it and says that it is because they’re trying to force me onto mail order for all my scripts. Wrong, I actually read all the paperwork for our insurance, every time they are updated, and that isn’t correct. Our policy does not allow for that.

On top of that, two of the medications cannot be mail ordered and they are 50% higher than normal.

So, the round of holds, and her talking to others, and this and that continues. By now, I’m in tears, I’m done, I’m 3 hours late for picking up my husband who works an hour from where I was.

Then, she comes onto the phone to tell me that something is wrong with their system. A lot of profiles are showing things incorrectly. They’ll call me tomorrow with the information.
Today they called. They are working to fix it. Yay, right? Except, I’m still without the rest of my meds. Also, it is a big screw up with a lot of people. They are going to be auditing people and sending refunds to people who were screwed over.
Wait, this is happening to a lot of people yet no one has called that their meds were much more expensive? How do you not notice that?

Tony’s one med was correct, exactly to the penny, so my profile was screwed up, but not his. I do not get it.

They are supposed to call again tomorrow. Then, I can call the pharmacy and make them reverse and rerun all of the medications. I’m sure that is going to go over well with the overworked pharmacy employees.
We’ll see. I’m still out of luck on my meds, I have to drive another two hours, round trip, to pick them up, and I’m out the extra money I paid for the two I did pick up.

I wasn’t happy when Blue Cross changed to CVS Caremark as our prescription policy management and I’m even less happy now.

Let’s see what happens tomorrow.

Oh, and Welcome to Holidailes!