Welcome Sign to the Town of Colonial Beach, Virginia.
 The following pages contain pictures of the damage in Colonial Beach, Virginia following Hurricane Isabel's visit to the Northern Neck.  There are a massive number of images contained within. 

If you wish to view more pictures at fullsize please click here.  Note, they are not labeled, just left with the designations my photo program gives it.  If you wish to use any of these images please contact me at suzyramble@mutteringfool.com All of these images are copyright by Suzy Smith or Tony Smith.   

These pictures do not show all the damage in town.  Many other buildings are destroyed, including homes.  The town and the surrounding area is in very bad shape.  It will be years before everything is restored in town.  As of this writing on September 24, 2003 there are still many without power, water, or telephones.  We're lucky that no lives were lost.  I was told this morning that there were many more homes severely damaged than originally thought.   

Colonial Beach is a town of around 3000 people.  With the loss of mutiple businesses, (the Happy Clam, Wilkerson's, The Riverboat, Dockside, The Landing, and the Beachball) that's a large percentage of jobs lost.   

Thanks for taking the time to read this and look at the pictures.  Any good thoughts you can send our way would be greatly appreciated. 

Suzy Smith 

Pictures from our yard.
The tree behind our shed came down in pieces during the storm.  Underneath the debris lies our niece's sandbox.
Another angle of the remainders of the tree. 
everything here copyright Suzy Smith or Tony Smith 2003
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