The opposite of a crisis of faith

What is the opposite of a crisis of faith? An abundance? A surfeit? I mean I am heading in an entirely different direction in my faith. For years I have had none. My faith in an omnipotent being was gone. Believing in God was always a part of me and then I got cancer at […]

Day One – Work day

Today was a long workday for me. I got to cover the anniversary gospel sing of a local group Burkett Lyburn and the All Together Singers. Now, anyone who knows me knows me knows I am not a religious person. However, this is one of my favorite events to cover every year. Burkett is an […]

This year

Big long introspective post ahead, fair warning. I have dubbed this year my “year of doing shit that scares me.” Starting last summer (well, really the year before, but more intensely last summer) I started putting myself out there. In my relationships, my friendships, my whole damn life. I quit doing so many things I […]

A moment of joy

I have been open about my struggle with depression recently. I have openly talked about dealing with depression throughout my adult life. It is tough, some days are worse than others, but I keep fighting through it. The last couple months have been some of the toughest depression wise. It has been weighing on me. […]

Tattoos and Memories

In figuring out the next of my tattoos I got to thinking about how I want a piece of the lyrics from “A Long Time Ago” by Jim Croce as part of them. Tony has “…in the gold of morning” engraved on the inside of his wedding band so that will be the portion inscribed […]