Daily Archives: August 27, 2004

Since Nance is adamant that I update more often and really you can’t dissappoint her as she is too damn funny on the phone, here I am.

(If you’re looking for the first Journalcon entry go here.)

Yesterday I spent at least two hours jabbering with Nance on the phone. She’s right, she does talk fast and is a Yankee. Even with being from PA instead of NY she sounded like home, in fact her accent reminded me so much of my family members (who live in Western NY) that it made me want to hop in the car and drive to Niagara Falls.

Tre was asleep or on my lap or being wrangled by his uncle during our conversation. Let me tell you that is a good baby. He woke up sad from his nap, I’m guessing he had a nightmare although, what do babies have nightmares about? Bottles that are empty? No soft laps? A missing luvey?

Especially the kids in this family. We spoil them, we do. If they want something and it won’t a) hurt them b) hurt someone else or c) cost a fortune, they pretty much get it. I mean, damn, you’re only a small kid for a short period of time. Why do they need to know abou deprivation? If they end up with the luck the rest of us have, they’ll know about it soon enough.

Besides that, a crying baby makes me sad. Children shouldn’t have to cry. An infant crying and being ignored makes me see red and want to strangle a parent. Hello, they’re tiny, they have no other way of communicating. If they’re crying they need something. Even if it’s just to be held.

Before you proclaim “We’ll you don’t know shit, you aren’t a parent.” Yeah, fuck you. I spent more time with kids than the average parent does. I know that sometimes babies just cry and cry, seemingly for no reason. I still don’t believe you should just leave them there to bellow.

There are kids that need to be held constantly. Sure, it sucks ass at times. I know, my niece, Kyrsie was a needy baby. She still is. If she’s alone for too long she gets upset. Tre, on the other hand, plays by himself, a lot. He comes by for cuddles, then gets back down and goes to his toys.

Different kids, different needs. When Kyrsie was tiny and needed to be held, I held her. There were times I went to the bathroom with her in my arms as she went scream if she was set down. I would go for long periods of time not eating or drinking as it was too difficult to do anything with her.

But, you know what? I was the grownup, it’s a lot easier for me to deal with some discomfort. A baby doesn’t know that the pain in their tummy will pass. A baby doesn’t understand that it takes a couple minutes to fix a bottle. All a baby knows is I hurt, I’m hungry, I’m wet, I’m lonely, I need warmth, or cuddles or just to feel the up and down rhythym of someone’s breathing.

I’ll never understand people who let little ones cry it out. I don’t. Babies need attention, babies need love. It breaks my heart to hear a baby cry and no one answer it. How any parent can let their child cry him/herself sick (and I have seen that) is beyond me.