I haven’t written this week as I figured no one needs to hear my whining. Every post I have saved as a draft was a pile of complaining. But, now that I’m on the mend, I’ll explain what has been going on. Pain is a way of life for me, for almost six years I’ve […]

Fucking Crickets

(As I am still trying to beat Blogger into submission, here are links to my last two entries:Babies Send in the Clowns) While lying (laying, whatever grammar nazis) in bed this evening with Tony, I heard a noise. You know it, the sound of a cricket chirping its’ ass off. I figured it was outside […]

Send in the Clowns…

My parents are evil. No, hear me out before you think it’s the typical whining. Let me set the stage for you: My Mom was 17 when I was born, Dad was 21. I was a doted on, spoiled child. They took me everywhere with them. I was a lucky little girl. When I was […]


Oh, yes, SnobbyWhoreCondotcom is now open for your viewing pleasure. Keli, of Perpeptual Blonde made the above graphic. You can go here to register and login here to post. Anyone can join the portal unless you’re an assmunch, which, really you know if you’re an assmunch.