Things I’m grateful for (a list in progress)

1. My husband. 2. My parents. 3. Tony’s parents. 3. My nieces, both blood related and not. 4. My nephews, both blood related and not. 5. My nephew who is due February 3rd. 6. My Granny. 7. 2 sisters. 8. 1 brother. 9. My sister-in-laws, one by my marriage, one by love. 10. My friends […]

From scenic downtown Colonial Beach…

Hey, if have to be here, I at least am going to be cheerful about it, although I would like to smack some of the louder patrons. Damn, I miss the old “shhh, quiet” librarians who hushed people when they spoke too loud. And, the blasted earphones on this computer are broken so I can’t […]

At the library….

How sad is it that I have no access at home and you get a post 2 days in a row? I’m such a slack ass. Actually, I’m spending the last few minutes I have online before closing to post here, as it will probably be next week before I’m near the internet again. I’m […]


I’m offline for the next few weeks. I’m posting from the library to let you all know. If you need to get in touch with me email me at suzysmith AT gmaildotcom. I’ll be posting updates to my notify list if you are interested in what is going on. In fact, I will be updating […]


This morning when I finally drifted off to sleep after a night that topped off a couple months of severe depression with a defeat of the Democratic party in all corners, I pulled the blanket up over my head and vowed to sleep for days, if not the next four years. But, that is enough […]