I’m fine. A combination of the virus and gall bladder. I was having major issues with getting to my email (for notify list people) and logging into blogger, but I am okay. I should have a longer update tonight, I’m working on it, now. Have a great Sunday afternoon.

I know, I know. I suck. But, really I have a good excuse. And, right now, I’m sick as a dog, you can’t holler at me, damnit. It seems the 17 month old germ factory (otherwise known as my nephew Tre) has infected me with some sort of evil virus that renders me unable to […]

Virginia Politicians have lost their fucking minds….

While reading blogs this morning I ran across a link from Chez Miscarriage to this site: Democracy for Virginia. In particular a link to this post. Now, if you don’t want to follow that link, let me give you a quick summary of it. A Virginia Delegate, John Cosgrove, has introduced bill HB1677 to the […]