Fifth Anniversary

Today, this journal is five years old. And, I still blame Dr. Scott and Mo. Normally, I look back on the past five years, instead I want to look forward: Five years from now: I want to be back in school, or have been back for a couple of years. I want a degree, not […]

New Design

Yes, this is the anniversary redesign, but I do not have time to update right now. I will later today though, so until then pretend this design isn’t up, yet.

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day

I am so not Irish, but still St. Patrick’s Day makes me smile. Green beer, green clothes, and leprechauns, why shouldn’t you smile? I remember back in oh, ninth grade or so, that I dressed as a leprechaun one year. Yes, a leprechaun. I wore all green, odd, turned up shoes, the hat, and carried […]


Last weekend was the fourth annual Colonial Beach Classic Dart tournament here at the Moose Lodge. Daddy is in charge of it, hell, the founder of it, and the entire family is at the Lodge for the weekend. Now, everyone except Tony and I shoot darts, so they are here and there, shooting. We bartend. […]

I am back…

After a horrendous start to 2005 I am back and feeling much better. Although, I am a wee bit pissed off that searching for Suzy Smith on google puts me at number 2 now. A purse manufacturer is number 1. Oh, I can not have that, so I need your help. If you have a […]