Daily Archives: March 17, 2005

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day

I am so not Irish, but still St. Patrick’s Day makes me smile. Green beer, green clothes, and leprechauns, why shouldn’t you smile? I remember back in oh, ninth grade or so, that I dressed as a leprechaun one year.

Yes, a leprechaun. I wore all green, odd, turned up shoes, the hat, and carried around a pot of gold. I’ve never denied that I was weird. In fact, I think that cemented the fact in everyone else’s mind. If I could dress up for something I did. Halloween, every year, I dressed up. Even when I was the only one in the entire school. Which I was a couple of years.

The leprechaun though, topped everything else and somewhere there are pictures of it. I know of at least 2 people who took pictures and promised black mail someday. Here, 15 years later, they have never resurfaced. Let’s hope they stay that way.


The other night, a friend and I were chatting on KoL about music. Now, we’re only 5 or so years apart in age, but the difference in musical tastes is amazing. Think about it, most of our musical tastes are formed in high school. For me that was hair bands, Nirvana, NIN, RHCP, things like that. Then you take someone a few years younger, and you get Slipknot and bands like that.

We agreed on quite a bit, until he started dissing on KISS. Now, I know Kiss’ music is not earth shattering, hell, musically, it is pretty bland, but I have a undying love for the kitsch, the makeup, the legends of KISS. I’ve listened to them since I was a tiny little girl and will just never let them go, completely.

But, my friend (let’s call him Stewart) Hates Kiss. I mean with a passion. With a great big capital H. I’m saddened. How can you not at least like some of their music? Especially when you confess you like Def Leppard? In a death match of Kiss vs. Def Leppard. Kiss wins hands down and not just because they all have both arms (Oh, hush, I know it’s insensitive, tell me I’m the only one thinking that?)

I will admit to some fun teenage memories of drinking heavily and dancing, in public, to “Pour Some Sugar on Me.” But, I will also admit to dancing, on the boardwalk, while sober to DiVinyls’ “I Touch Myself.” Hell, I’ve sang that at karaoke before and lived through it. As I was saying though, Def Leppard vs. Kiss? Kiss wins hands down. All 8 of them.


My sister, Mary, finally read this site a couple weeks ago. She joined the notify list (and if you haven’t get to cracking) and has started her own blog (yes, this is a journal, damnit, not a blog, even if I use blogger.) I do not have a url, yet. But, I will harass her until I do. Another one to the darkside, baby.

Have a great St. Patrick’s Day and drink one for me.