No I didn’t watch Britney Spears’ “reality” show nor will I. I am not Britney obsessed, hell if I wanted to watch a trashy chick with her even trashier husband make the mistake of bringing a child into their world I can spin around in any direction in this town. Now, I did go see […]

2 days in a row? Don’t get used to it.

I’ve been awake for over an hour and I’ve only had 1.5 hours sleep, blame Tre if this is disjointed. Last night, about 1 AM, I shut down the computer, turned off the light, got ready for bed and heard “knock, knock, knock…. Love you.” I swung open the bedroom door and in came my […]

Mother’s Day 2005

Oh, what a wonderful thing to find in my comments from a post I made last year about this time. And, I quote: ” Patriarchal Oppressor ( wrote the following: Why not adopt? Why not be a foster mother? There are millions of children in the Empire that would appreciate a willing woman such as […]