Happy Easter

Happy Easter to those who celebrate. Happy Sunday to those who don’t.


It’s hard to write when your life is an endless circle of the same damn thing, the same boring damn thing. The clock is getting ready to hit 7AM, I’ve been up all night, again, and I’m in a bad mood, wishing this month would hurry up and get me to 31 years old. It’s […]

Last night…

I got to spend the evening back in my hometown with the niece and nephews. Somehow it worked out that they were all at my parents’ place so I got to love on them all. As soon as I walked in the door, Charlie’s little face lit up and he held his little baby arms […]

You got questions, I have answers….

Okay, the main question: Move? What? Where? I moved in January to an even more rural area, out in the middle of nowhere, Heathsville. It’s a village, it’s tiny, it is far away from everything. But, I’m here for now. What am I doing? Same thing, at home, writing, watching too much reality television, playing […]