The wailing and the gnashing and damn, my stomach hurts

So, the site was down for a couple weeks. And, in that time I got my results back. The notify list got the update but, not y’all. (if you want to join the notify list, for now, email me. I can not figure out how to get it to work with this damn template. I […]


My neck has hurt since the surgery/procedure/ouch-fuck-that-hurts thing last week. Now, I expected other parts to hurt some (and they do) but, the neck and chin and jawline thing is surprising. The only thing I can figure is that however they positioned me to get the breathing tube in did something to my neck. Actually, […]


Stolen from the wonderful Bev: 1. Who was your best friend? Stacy, Jo-Anne, Tracey. The same people who are my best friends now. In school, my senior year, it would’ve been Bill Rehmann and Larry Fullen. At the end of my junior year, the group I was friends with fell apart, as one couple married […]