Finally, a doctor that listened. Today, was doctor’s appointment 8million for the year. A followup for the costachondritis which ended up being so much more. As, I said in my last entry, the doctor I see at MCV work in a clinic setting, you see a resident, mainly. Well, today, I had a med student, […]

Doctors, residents and med students

I need to rename this the Vagina diary. So, I was back at my doctor’s office earlier this week. More issues from the PCOS and the hysteroscopy/biopsy/crap. First, though, I need to explain this office. My “doctor” is actually the Women’s Health Department the Medical College of Virginia. Which means, you see various residents for […]


I hate this. Tre and Krysie were here for the weekend and they just left. They weren’t even out of the driveway and tears were streaming down my face. I love my babies and I hate being so far from them. Tre’s over an hour from here now and Kyrsie lives two hours from here. […]