Happy Halloween

Since, I’m leaving sometime today and probably will not have time until after Halloween, I wanted to wish you all a happy one (or Samhain or Day of the Dead) and show you a picture of one of the cutest little boys on the planet. This is the little elf baby, Colson, only he’s not […]

8 Years

8 years ago this evening, Tony and I stood together and said our vows. For us, that’s a large portion of our lives. We married young. Yet, when we compare our marriage to our parents, we’re babies. His parents have been married 36 years as of yesterday, mine will be 32 years on Thursday. A […]

Link, like you know, a blog.

I have found the funniest blog in the world Wide Lawns and Narrow Minds. Miss Subserviant Worker writes about the Rich White People at the gated community she works at. I’ve been reading the archives and laughing my ass off.

I hate making titles.

Well, I’m astoundingly pleased with the fact that my last posts comments. I have seen too many journals/blogs that have mentioned abortion and the comments become a horrible place. Even the emails I have gotten (a lot of emails, that I will respond to tonight) have been great. That just goes to show you that […]


I signed this petition last month. I signed the petition as a woman who has aborted. I signed it with my real name, I talked to someone from Ms. Magazine on the phone and told her that yes, they could use my name. And, now I’m coming forward here. I was 14, I got pregnant […]