Daily Archives: October 24, 2006

8 Years

8 years ago this evening, Tony and I stood together and said our vows. For us, that’s a large portion of our lives. We married young. Yet, when we compare our marriage to our parents, we’re babies.

His parents have been married 36 years as of yesterday, mine will be 32 years on Thursday.

A lot longer than us, those are the people we try to model our marriage after. We take the good from them and work toward the lifelong bond our parents have.

And tonight we celebrate 8 years of the start of our married life. We’re not doing anything fancy this year, just spending time together. I have a beautiful Gerber Daisy plant on my nightstand from my sweetheart. I adore daisies and he always remembers that.

It is those little things that make our marriage work. The remembering my favorite flower, the kiss on the forehead before we go to sleep. When we go away somewhere, he packs my slippers for me.

The way he clicks 350 times a day for me on one of the MMORPGs I play. (shut up, I know I’m a gamer geek.)

And, the way he looks at me and smiles. I know that he loves me as much, if not more, than the day we said I do.

8 years ago today. I held hands with this man and vowed to love him forever. And, I will and I do.

We’re not the punk looking kids that we were that day, we’re a bit older, a bit of grey here and there, a line on a face. And more in love than ever.

I love you Tony. Happy Anniversary, baby.