Whoopety-friggin-do, it’s the last day of the year and I really don’t give a damn. I just want 2007 to be a better year than this one. Normally on New Year’s Eve I list the good and bad things that happened throughout the year. This year it’s really not worth it. It was a bad […]

Bev’s meme

I’m addicted. To a game. The game? Chuzzle. I started online with that version, then Tony got me the full version for Christmas (note, WalMart has it for 10 dollars, which is half price of the online one.) I can not stop. I’m getting Chuzzle hand. My right hand looks like a claw. My eyes […]


It is late. Way too late for me to be awake if I’m going to get up tomorrow morning and be worth anything. Yet, I’m sitting here with music playing and doing everything possible to keep myself from climbing into that bed, alone, and go to sleep. Sleep is when it comes back. When my […]


Tre’s asleep on my bed, he was watching Backyardigans, singing along, bopping his head, then whomp. The poor kid got overwhelmed by the need to sleep. Charlie’s sound asleep in the other room. He’s as overwhelming tired as Tre is. You can hear little baby snores throughout the house. The snores are cute, although the […]

This is my nephew, Colson, and my Dad at the children’s Christmas party. Colson is nine months old and just as sweet as can be. My siblings make cute kids, don’t they?