Daily Archives: December 3, 2006

Happy Birthday Dad

Today, December 3rd, 2006, my Daddy turned 53. And, I’m so sure he’d love that I’m announcing it to the world.

I didn’t mention Mom’s which was November 15th, as she is much more sensitive about her age. And, I’m not telling you that she turned 49 or that she’ll be 50 in less than a year. As, if I did, she’d have my head.

Back to Daddy though. I am a Daddy’s girl. I always have been. There is something about having a wonderful Dad that makes life worthwhile. When everything else in the world is crashing down on you, and you can barely breath from the strain, your Daddy is always there.

The day you have a huge decision to make that you just can’t do without the advice of a wise, somewhat older person, your Daddy is there.

The day I was born, my Daddy was there. He wasn’t in the delivery room, as men weren’t allowed in back then. He was in gathering other family, as I was he and Mom’s first.

They were young, Mom was 17, Dad just 21 when I was born. They had been married 6 months. (Mom got pregnant with me so her parents would sign for her to marry.)

I know there were times that my parents had a really rough time. They started so young, had a houseful of kids so quick, but, they always held it together. Dad and Mom against the world.

But, back to just Daddy.

Dad is not just a wonderful Dad but, an amazing Poppy. His grandbabies, adore him. They follow him around, clammor to climb in his lap, climb up on him when one kid is being held.

And, he puts up with it. In fact, he delights in it. The love for his kids and grandbabies, you can see in his eyes. (his beautiful, icy blue eyes, I need to get a close picture of them to show y’all, they are amazing.)

I know he will always be there for me, as he has been my rock during all that is going on. He listens when I need it, he doesn’t give advice until he knows I’m ready, he’s just there.

For all that you do, and all that you are Daddy, I love you, Happy Birthday.