Daily Archives: December 6, 2006

I’m slowly getting holiday cards from various people, I have the pile building on my desk. Eventually they’ll go up on the wall but, I’ve been enjoying going through them over and over. Holiday cards are the only mail that really is worth opening, as I know there isn’t more bad news in there.

Seriously, does anyone actually ever include bad news in a holiday card? I get several “end of the year” type newsletters from people, and they always have the greatest news in them.

“Little Johnny scored a 1200 on his SATs. While that’s lower than we’d like he is only 5 so, we’re sure he’ll bring that up. ”

“Charlotte won homecoming queen, prom queen and all around yay girl in school.”

“Derek got a promotion and is making even more money this year. And, I am so happy to be working part-time at Sheila’s nonprofit.”

You know, all that good stuff. They don’t tell you:

“Our marriage is falling apart, Derek works 80 hours a week to avoid me. I drink, starting early in the morning. Johnny starts fires, and Charlotte got caught cheating on a test and lost her scholarship.”

You never hear that. And, you know damn well, everyone has some bad stuff happen.

Maybe next year I’ll do a the truthful end of the year letter. This year’s would just be too much.