Daily Archives: December 11, 2006

We’re all adults, here.

This summer this journal of mine became my own personal vagina/uterus monologue. I have Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome and endometrial hyperplasia. So, I’m on metformin for the PCOS and Provera for the hyperplasia.

The largest problem with the hyperplasia is I have to have a d&c every so often to check to see if it’s going away. And, the next one is scheduled for the 22 of December. Yeah, 3 days before Christmas. After the last one I was in pain for a few days (bad the first day as I was under medicated) and worrying about the uterine perforation that had happened during the procedure.

Luckily, perforations are normally no big deal, as long as they don’t hit anything else, and they didn’t. The worst part of this timing though is having to wait for results. I want to know if this is over with or if the hyperplasia has advanced and is more worrisome.

Hyperplasia and PCOS put me at a high risk of uterine and endometrial cancer. And, with the amount of tissue (Hyperplasia is an overgrowth of tissue.) that was there, it was pretty scary.

I feel like it is better though, I no longer have that 5 month pregnant feeling in my uterus. For a long time (several years) it felt like it was just full. And, really it was.

Now, I sit here 12 days out from it and I can feel the worry bubbling up. I’m terrified of general anesthesia and generally come out of it very agitated. In fact, agitated to the point that they told Tony last time I was “feisty.”

Feisty hell, I remember waking up and telling the nurse (His name was George) that I needed help. He hit me with a shot. And no pain relief. Plus my nose hurt where they still had my breathing tube in. In another minute he as back with morphine, he hit me with that, and the next thing I know I was waking up and the tube was gone and the pain wasn’t so bad.

That day was one of the longest of my life, too. We had to be there at 6:30 AM. They didn’t actually get me back until almost 10, then the preop crap took forever.

And, my recovery was slow, slow enough that we didn’t get out of there until almost 7PM. I’m pretty sure I was the last one in there that day. I’m hoping this one will go faster.

I sure don’t want to be in shopping traffic on the way home that night. Tony’s ready to take me and take care of me though. He is incredible when it comes to taking care of me when I’m hurt or sick. Last time he got me settled into the truck, pillows around and just comfortable, then stopped and bought me a milkshake for my sore throat and just to make me smile.

I do have to say though, that the practice of same day surgery for so many things now is insane. My Dad had carpal tunnel surgery Friday. They sent him home with an arm that he couldn’t feel or move (nerve block, as he was awake for it). Something like that? At least a 23 hour stay should be required. And Kyrsie had her tonsils out in October. In and out of the surgery, faster than I was out of my doctor’s appointment that day at the same medical facility.

Now, I remember when I got my tonsils out and they kept me over night. I was 20 years old and holy shit it hurt. I can’t imagine not having good pain meds the first night after that.

But, what can you do? It’s in, cut you, go home. It is possible that if we didn’t live so far from good hospitals that it wouldn’t be as bad. The closest hospital is 40 minutes away in two directions. One, we go to for only minor things. The other is passable. The hospital that I go to for all my health issues is 2 hours away. 2 hours in a vehicle after a surgery just sucks.

And, I’ve rambled enough for now. Have a great Monday.