Daily Archives: December 14, 2006

All males, from the small to the large are pillow thieves. I have no absolute proof, as I haven’t set up the videocamera yet, but, I will, soon and forever and I will lord it over them.

As I beat them to death with the pillow they stole. I am picky. I need all my pillows and I need them just so.

Stealing them and moving them about is just wrong. And should be punishable, if not by death, then by being whomped with said pillows, at least.

A Little Bit of Cheer…

My bedroom looks a little bit more cheerful. I have a small tree up, covered in ornaments, my lamb at the bottom. It’s a fiber optic tree that stands less than 3 feet tall. The lights are shimmering above me as I sit here and type away.

The cards that are coming in are taped around my desk, set up next to the tree (which is on the top of the desk) and wherever I can fit them. I’m out of desk room now so, the next ones will go on my the shelves beside me.

Tonight, I spent a bit a time putting up a single string of lights in here. It’s a small strand, only 100 lights, that do all sorts of things, flash, shimmer, chase, make you nauseous, and glow gently. They are threaded around the bed, attached to the wall shelves there, then onto the metal ones, across the printer stand and strung across the cards attached to the desk.

Right now they are on the fade in, fade out, real slow mode. It’s nice and peaceful, a single color illuminates the room, then fades into the next color, gently, peacefully. If you concentrate on the color change for too long you could just drift off at anytime. Tonight it sent Tre to sleep in a red-green-blue haze, a little smile on his face.