Daily Archives: November 3, 2007

Day 3

The day before my foot surgery I got new glasses. They are the same basic style, black plastic geek girl frames, but a bit different shape, and they have the 2-tone “crystal” thing going on. I like them, although, they were not comfortable when I first got them home. I got them adjusted at a second eye doctor’s office, then spent a week or so adjusting them at home to where they fit my face properly.

I had a hell of a time getting a new pair of glasses. For some reason my eye insurance company is full of a bunch of morons. From one appointment where I got to the doctor’s office, filled out 8 pages of crap and was then told “you can pay up front and your insurance company will reimburse you” (I walked out of that one) to being told that my insurance didn’t cover frames by the glasses place attached to the eye doctor i ended up seeing to having picked out my frames, gotten all the measurements done and being ready to go and then…. “Your insurance said they don’t cover us.”

Now, I knew they did, the glasses place knew they did but, the idiot on the phone was refusing to give the approval number. At this point, I had been going all day long, was exhausted and knew that getting to the eye doctor for the next couple months would be almost impossible.

So, I got on the phone with the insurance company and spent the next 10 minutes screaming at them. Until they finally told me “Oh, we do cover them. Is there anyone I can give the approval number to?”

You’d think they didn’t want to actually pay out, wouldn’t you? If, I could just get Tony to keep an appointment with his eye doctor we’d be done with this for a year. Then, I’d just have to fight them again in 12 months or so.