Daily Archives: November 4, 2007

Day 4

Vader Pumpkin by Tony.

Tony is a Star Wars fanatic. His entire life he has loved the Star Wars universe. Whereas, I had never seen more than a scene or two of the movies prior to meeting him. I mean, I knew what Vader was, I knew the basics of it, but, I didn’t care.

Then the Special Edition came to the theater. And, of course, as a good girlfriend, I went. I feel in love with the Star Wars universe and have now seen all the movies multiple times.

Things change it seems.

Well, most things, some things never do. Things like my fear of clowns. My paralyzing fear of clowns. To the point that I have nightmares and hyperventilate.

It isn’t my fault though, it is my parents’ fault. When I was a small child, and we’re talking 2.5 or less, they tormented me. We were at a parade, and watching it from the car for some reason (weather, I’m guessing) and a clown approached the car. Now, I was standing with my Dad on his lap, when this horrendous, overly painted spawn of the devil himself put his head in the car to see me, I screamed bloody murder and ran to the other side of the car.

My parents found great glee in this. In fact, they were so gleeful, that they drove to the other end of the parade route so the clown could torment me again.


Now, it is bad enough that my parents did this. And, when they are old and need to be taken care of, they will pay but, the fact that whatever bastard was under that makeup, helped them, and enjoyed it, means they really are evil.

Last night was my first night out since my surgery and the Lodge’s Halloween Party (and benefit for a member but, that’s another story.) I love Halloween, had my elderly witch mask and costume, so off we went. And, when I wheeled in, I was attacked by this:

This is Calvin. Calvin loves Halloween as much as I do but, he seems to have issues with making people scared to death.

When he walked up to me and put that puppet’s arms on me, I screamed. My father, who was working the door, was extremely amused by this, as was Tony.

Me, not so much. Although by the end of the night I was handling things much better, and actually allowed a picture to be taken with the two of us.

Or, let it be taken so he would go away.

The rest of the night was fairly uneventful, we won a couple raffles, which never happens to us, so that made my night, and came home at midnight, where we cracked open our dinners (we ordered them but, just had them packed up) and had a peaceful, clown-free meal.

Not clown free. Calvin and me.