Daily Archives: November 9, 2007

Day 9

As if my whining about my foot and dealing with all that wasn’t enough, now I have a horrid cold. And, I can’t take my favorite cold medicine without killing my liver with too much Tylenol since I’m on pain meds that contain Tylenol.

So, I whine and take suphedrine (that is a rant for another day that I have to write on) and cough syrup and drink fluids. I’m not eating much so that is good for the weight loss (another thing I need to write about) although probably not so good for the diabetes when my blood glucose gets too low.

Hmm, in fact, let me test it right now. 113. That is a lot higher than I anticipated. But, I do have to make myself remember that illness and post surgery healing tends to drive blood glucose way up. Which means my next A1C will be higher and make me angry but, I need to make sure that I remind my doctor about all that has been going on.

I have now been diagnosed as diabetic for almost 11 months. Prior to that I knew I had insulin resistance issues since I have Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, I was just hoping to keep diabetes away for a few more years.l Alas, no such luck I do have to say that I have been taking much better care of myself since then and even lost some weight. And, with that, I’ll leave this off for tomorrow, where I’ll talk about the weight loss.