Daily Archives: November 15, 2007

Day 15 Happy Birthday Mom

Today is my Mom’s 50th birthday. This beautiful sign was placed upon the front of her house by Tony and Mary. Mary made it but, Tony gets part of the blame for placing it upon the house.

Happy Birthday Mom, we love you.

Yes, some of you who have been reading me forever are counting years. I’m 32, Mom just turned 50. Needless to say her and Daddy were very young when I was born. 17 and 21 to be exact. Then 2.5 years later, Mary, 1.5 years after that Katie, and finally 4 years after Katie, the boy: Richie. 4 kids, 8 years, 3 son in laws, and 4 grandchildren, with one more due in February.

They just hit 33 years of marriage on the 26th of October, Numbers, numbers. That is a lot of numbers in a paragraph or two but, ones that have been fairly important to my family. There are a million more I could come up with that mean a lot to us but, those are the big ones.

In all the years I have been writing this I have written many an entry about my Mom and the various good qualities she has, most of those on her birthdays, so I wanted to do something different this year. Yet, I can’t think of a way to express to her how much she means to all of us. So, I’ll just say that: we love you, Mom. Happy 50th birthday.

PS: When I taught Charlie to recite this to us: How old is Pooh?
“Young and beautiful”
How old is Uncle?
“Older than Pooh”
How old is MawMaw?
“Older than dirt”
How old is Poppy?
“Older than Mawmaw.”
I didn’t realize how cute it would be and how often I would have him repeat it.

Love you.