Daily Archives: November 18, 2007

Day 17

This is Amy Nichole. (I hope I’m spelling her middle name right, if not, I’m sure her Grandma will comment.) She is the first grandchild of any of my friends. And, in this picture she looks so much like her Daddy that it is scary. Isn’t she adorable?

Today has been a long day, Tony had to be to work by 6 so we were up at 3.30. I couldn’t fall back to sleep so I was up for the day. The rugrats were in particularly cuddle filled moods when they woke up so I spent the morning cuddling them. About the time that Charlie went down for his nap, so did I.

As sad as that, it’s a damn good thing I did as we went out to dinner with my Mom, Granny, and sisters for Mom’s birthday, then to the Lodge for a little bit. I’m tired now, I can’t imagine how wiped out I would be without a nap.

Ever since my surgery I’ve gotten tired really quickly. I’m 5 weeks out now and it is just barely getting a bit better. I can at least stay awake for most of the day now, right afterward I couldn’t stay awake more than five hours or so.

Hell, I can feel the pillows screaming for me. I’m giving in for the night, nothing exciting enough to stay awake, happened today.

Have a good Sunday.