Goodbye 2007

The afternoon of the last day of 2007 is here, we’re rushing about, getting ready to go to some friends for the evening. I wanted to get one more entry in for Holidailies this year which should bring me to 29 entries in December of this year. I had 30 in November and about 10 […]

Christmas Eve at the Lodge

My family has been spending early Christmas Eve at the Lodge for the past few years. A lot of regular members come in, bringing a dish to share, and just hanging out before the family celebrations begin. During the afternoon the Lodge gives away 3 pots of money, or actually the pots that weren’t claim […]

Kid Pics and a Southern Meme

This is Charlie and Colson, and Colson with Santa. Colson is not quite 2 and a cutie pie. Since he doesn’t live here, I don’t share as many pictures of him but, I love him just the same. He is a smiley little guy who is just starting to talk a bit more. Miss Ladyloo […]

Foot Stuff

Today was another follow-up from my foot surgery and it is still the same thing with it. Their is a tiny spot of the incision that is still open, I need physical therapy, and just keep on with it. I have to say that I am right fed up with the pain of it. When […]

mmm, cookies

I have a billion cookies left, my sisters need to come back and get some, as I forgot to send any home with them. I think all the tore up wrapping paper is gone, the presents are starting to find homes, and the toys are slowly being removed from their boxes. Now, why in the […]