Daily Archives: January 2, 2008


Does anyone want two small children? I’ll even include their bed, toys, clothing, etc. Anything to stop the whining that is emanating from them and stopping me from actually being able to write more than two words at a time.

I don’t know why they are on such a tear today but, if it doesn’t stop soon, I will end up being committed to the closest mental institution. Although, come to think of it, it will be far away from the incessant whining.


Happy New Year! The first day of the year was wonderful, quiet and peaceful. We spent the day with friends, then went out for dinner, did a quick shopping trip and then home for the night.

Now, Tony is asleep, gearing up for work tomorrow, I’m writing this and rubbing my foot every so often to try and help with the pain in it. I think I’ve over done it the passed few days as it is swelling on the bottom of it, so tomorrow is back to putting ice on it and keeping it elevated when I can.

Tomorrow is also back on the eating plan, and the shopping I did tonight was for that way of eating, instead of the holiday lax diet. Salads, and lean meats, low carbohydrates, and lots of good stuff, my blood sugar hasn’t been outrageous but it could be better.

Have a good day.