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Thursday, January 3rd, 2008

I never did share a picture of our tree from this year. Very basic, it was a new, cheap prelit tree, some new, cheap ornaments, and that’s about it. No one was up to climbing into the attic (which has to be accessed by ladder) to get the ornaments that belong on the tree, so a cheap box of multicolored ones did it.

For this year, it was enough, as we had so much else going on within the house, and family, that the time just wasn’t there. The holidays are always like that, as you can tell by my posts for the past month that have really been short and not involved at all. Hell, right now, I’m fighting sleep to get things done and we are actually past the holidays. Slowly but, surely life gets back to normal, although, we do have a birthday coming up next week so our holidays aren’t quite done.