Daily Archives: January 8, 2008


I love going away, I hate packing. I would rather have splinters pushed into my foot than have to pack.

Yet, here I am writing a packing list for this weekend, as I adore getting out of town, or actually I’m posting this to my website instead of writing the packing list. Back to that.

Suzy Smith

I wanna rock and roll all night….

And play Rock Band all day. Saturday after Tony’s doctor appointment, we had a couple stops to make, the bank, the store, Panera Bread for lunch. Just as an aside, Panera Bread has the most incredible potato chips on the planet. I would kill for more than an ounce of them at a time,

Ok, so as I was saying, Panera Bread, yummy smoked chicken with chipotle mayo that was grilled on a panini press. We shared a bowl of French onion soup, as well. For a fast food type place it was damn good, although carb-filled. After lunch, we headed over to some friends for the evening. Tony’s best friend, Brian has a birthday on the seventh, and Tony’s is on the eleventh so they typically try to get together to celebrate. This year was no exception.

Now, we’re all old married acting people, so the big birthday celebration was the Tony, me, Brian, his wife, Dayna, and their adorable seven year old daughter, Morgan. As soon as we got there, Brian hooked up his birthday gift: Rock Band.

At first, I thought it would be another typical night of watching the guys play video games, while Dayna and I talked on the couch (and typically fell asleep, see, I told you we were old married couples.) Well, at first it was Tony on the drums, Brian on guitar, and Dayna singing. I was watching, as I tend to be shy and suck ass at video games.

Then, Dayna went in to cook dinner. And, made me sing. At first, I was very quiet but, eventually I got into it, and started to enjoy it. We breaked for dinner (lasagna rollups which were delicious) and then got back to business, and Dayna pushed the bass on me.

Holy shit, I was nervous, as really I do not have much hand-eye coordination. The first couple songs were scary but, I started to get into it. And, enjoy it. Entirely too much, in fact. I really was digging it, singing along with the songs I knew, laughing at some of the lyrics to others (particularly, Maps, what the hell kind of weird ass song is that?)

I was doing damn good on easy, did ok on a couple of songs on medium but, my fingers were starting to get worn out, my eyes were blurring, and well the vodka I was drinking didn’t help much. Plus, as I failed to mention this was at around 2 AM or so. And, we started playing around 3PM, with just a dinner break, and stopping to sing “Happy Birthday” and eat cake.

Yeah, lots and lots of hours playing Rock Band. So many hours in fact that Tony and I are going to save up for an Xbox and buy this game for ourselves as everyone must learn to love it.

The only complaint I had about the game is how you have to progress in difficulty to continue to unlock songs in career mode. While, that is good to a point, it isn’t so good when you have mixed levels of people playing. I had never played Guitar Hero, as it just looked boring, but Brian had, Tony has natural rhythm and Dayna did a kick ass job at singing. So, I really felt like I as holding them back, but, they all said I was fine and did a good job which means it probably is just me feeling weird.

Oh, I lied, there was one other complaint: how incredibly loud the drums are. It makes it hard to actually here the music through the tv, and this was with a nice set of surround sound speakers. Brian read about a modification for that though, but, I would still like the manufacturer to make the a bit quieter.

And, that was our Saturday, I have no idea why I am always so far behind on writing about things but, I am.

Have a great day.