Daily Archives: January 14, 2008

ouchy foot

Today has been a rough day with my foot. It is hurting bad enough that I’ve done nothing much other than keep it propped up and iced. And, I haven’t had to ice it in awhile.

I think it was the weekend, and riding about with it down all weekend. I’ll give it a couple days to see if it feels better and if it doesn’t I’ll let Dr D know at my next appointment.

And, with that, bed. night all

Home again, home again.

Sometimes coming home is just saddening. While, I love how the boys react (the hugs, the kisses, the squeals of delight that we’re home) coming back to reality and away from the idyllic weekend, where we can just concentrate on one another, and nothing else.

In fact, I didn’t even speak to anyone on the phone all weekend, just Tony and I, nothing else. It was beautiful, and we always seem less stressed for awhile after we get back from one of our weekend’s away.

And, now it is getting late, I have everything posted to catch up for the week, while I was writing offline, so good night, and have a great day.