Thank you all so much for your thoughts and prayers, your comments and emails. You have no idea of how much they mean to me. I do have some of the greatest readers in the world. This weekend was a couple of good things, the 20th was the second anniversary of me quitting smoking (yes, […]

If I could think of anything worse than every swear word I know I would use them all. I have a diagnosis, and it is the bad one. Renal cell carcinoma. I have to have a bunch more tests run, and my doctors have to get together to set my surgery date. The surgery should […]

And the week rolls on.

Today was the endocrinologist’s appointment and a spot of not as bad news. My A1C is 5.6, we are not changing my meds, my left kidney seems to be functioning well. A small spot of good is really nice amongst all the bad. Tomorrow is my urologist appointment and Friday is back to primary care […]

Update from Tuesday

I’m home for now. They are running a bunch of kidney function panels and other screenings to try and determine if the mass has spread outside the kidney. It is no longer a 95% chance I’m losing it, it is a done deal, the kidney will be coming out, no matter what is found, as […]

My Mascot

Hello Kidney is my new mascot. If I have to deal with all of this, I will do it with humor, damnit. I have a bag packed, Tony has a bag packed, and they are in the car. I didn’t get the sewing done I wanted to but, I’m hoping they’ll let me come home […]