Daily Archives: September 10, 2008

Holding pattern…

Ok, we wait. I go to the nephrologist on the 16th, for now we wait and I take the massive antibiotics to clear the cellulitis so they can do the biopsy and probable surgery.

Yes, probable as the chance of keeping my right kidney is tiny. Hopefully it will be nothing major in there but, no way to know for now. Needless to say I am a wreck and not happy about the wait but, what can you do?

Thank you all for your support. <3

Well shit…

I’m posting this really quickly as I’ve typed it out a few times now but, this is the best way I know to get a hold of a lot of y’all.

I was in the hospital the past couple days with a cellulitis infection of the stomach, and bleeding from my belly button. The cellulitis is being treated, they never figured out why I was bleeding from my belly button.

They did a CT scan yesterday and found a large mass 6x6x8 CMs in my right kidney. According to the report and the doctors it does not look like infection but, does look like something solid. Which yeah, could be a very bad thing.

I go to my primary care doctor at 11AM and we’ll see where we go from there. Tony has my account information to keep y’all posted, in case I can’t.

Any good thoughts, prayers, etc that y’all have to spare would make me fairly grateful.

Thanks for reading.