Daily Archives: September 12, 2008

And the drugged ramble rolls on…

It has been a rough week would be a huge understatement. From having to go to the ER in the first place, then being transferred to another hospital by ambulance (For locals from Mary Washington to MCV, yes, down 95, my back is still in shambles from the bumps.)

Then, get to the hospital find out you have to be on steroids and benadryl for 12 hours prior to the CT scan because you are allergic to the contrast they use. And, I was not allowed to eat or drink. Now, I had only had 2 chicken wings for dinner on Sunday, and that had been early, I wasn’t hungry. My the time I got to MCV I was starving and so thirsty I could have drank from the toilet.

Once they settled me in, they gave me the news that I was still allowed no food or water. I can’t lie, at this point, I was tired as hell, in pain, still bleeding from my belly button, the infection had continued to spread and now not even a cup of water?

I cried. It was a quick one, the kind where you release some of your frustration and fear out in a few tears, then squeeze it in and move on.

Back to the rest of the story….

I do have to say MCV started me on antibiotics where MW never did and I was there overnight, first. I was on some of the big guys in the hospital and more here at home. The cellulitis is getting much better, although it is not gone.

Now, being in this holding pattern until Tuesday I am going crazy. The fact that I know there is a 6x6x8 cm mass in my one kidney is hard to deal with. Especially as we do have a history of kidney issues in the family (Papa was on dialysis for several years prior to his death.)

Unfortunately, I have enough knowledge of medical terms to know enough to be scared but, not enough to understand all of the things in the CT report, or all the things that can be wrong with your kidneys.

I am about to give into the complete exhaustion and finish this drugged ramble (pain meds and elavil make me go zzzzzz.) I will be updating as much as possible.

thanks for reading…