Daily Archives: November 6, 2008

News, finally.

We have a surgery date December 1st at MCV in Richmond, VA. They are going to do the nephrectomy that morning. I will be in the hospital the day before for some preoperative stuff. Following the surgery, I will be in the ICU for at least a day, then several weeks in the hospital.

While part of me is relieved to be moving forward, I’m scared. The doctors have been completely upfront with me, there is a huge risks of complications, and my recovery will be horrendous. The risk of death is large and was impressed upon me multiple times, yet, without the surgery I will die anyway when the cancer spreads.

It’s a hard choice but surgery is my best chance at longer survival. I am scared, I am researching as much as possible but, nothing can completely prepare me for what I am facing.

In fact the doctor, the junior surgeon, laid it all out “After the surgery, whether you live or die is up to you, you have to be strong, and get up, and move, no matter how much it hurts.” Tough broad time it is. Mean tough bitch so I can get through this, and live.