Knit wha?

I am not good at crafty things. Decoupage turns into a pile of sticky mess, making ornaments at Christmas is a wreck that never turns out properly. I try, boy do I try, but really I need to have a human being showing me how to do things, not a book, or even a video. […]


I am so cranky right now that it isn’t even funny. The fact that Tony hasn’t run off is just amazing. My stomach hurts where part of my incision is still healing, my insides hurt where my kidney used to be and my feet are so swollen they look like footballs with toes. My doctors […]

20072008 Tre and Charlie sure are growing up fast. It is hard to imagine that they were so little a year ago, or how they are only 3 and 5 years old and 6 years ago the only kids on my side of the family were Kyrsie, who was 3. Colson Christmas 2007 Its even […]


I, as well as a lot of Virginians, am dealing with a massive allergy attack as the weather has been so warm that everything is growing like it was early spring. In fact, it is so warm right now that we have a fan in the one window to pull some air into the house. […]


This is Colson, he is 2, and will be 3 in March. He is a sweet little guy. He loves trucks, cars, silliness and playing with his cousins. When they are together there will always be mayhem. He is very much like his Mom though with some ocd tendencies about things belonging in certain places […]