Daily Archives: December 11, 2008


The tip of my tongue is still numb from when I had my surgery all of 9 days ago. I’m starting to worry that it was damaged permanently, so that is one thing to put on the list to ask the doctor. That, and my nose, as where they intubated me, through my nose (as I was awake for that, asshole anesthesia fucker.) My nose has been hurting past the point of my pain meds and bleeding on and off since then.


Right now, I’m sitting here drinking a cup of green tea and a diet ginger ale back and forth. It is too warm to drink just tea, which is just odd as hell as it is December 9th. I’ve had the fan on all day long trying to make it more temperate in here but, turned it off as the rain got harder.


I am in no way prepared for Christmas, we have no decorations up, at all. I’m in too much pain to actually worry about it other than to miss having the tree lights to sit under and think.


Obviously, I can’t keep everything straight in my head tonight which is why I have these little points. so let’s go with that:

  • I love my family, even when they are making me crazy.
  • We never actually tell one another I love you, unless we’re in crisis.
  • I can’t sit up straight as the staples begin to tighten and pull me into a curve.
  • Neosporin with pain relief is great on tape torn skin.
  • This tea really is good.
  • I normally hate green tea.
  • Hell, until last year I hated tea, then I learned how to make it properly.
  • Most people do not make it properly.
  • This is enough points.
  • good night.