Daily Archives: December 12, 2008

comma shaped

I am starting to turn into the shape of a comma. The staples are pulling tighter and making me curl down. If I completely stretch out it makes the staples pull on the skin, hard. Unfortunately, being comma shaped makes my back hurt, even worse than normal. This sucks, major ass.

Tomorrow afternoon I see my kidney doctor. I am hoping I’ll get to have some staples pulled, a lot of them look close to ready. If not, I’ll deal though, I’ll just lie in a comma shaped semiball for the next week.


In non surgery related happenings, today has been a decent day. I’ve watched a lot of tv, read more than my eyes care to have read, slept here and there. I did realize that it is only 14 days to Christmas. Isn’t that crazy?

And, it is raining here. Raining and raining. The roads are already starting to flood and they are calling for the rain to continue. I am sure hoping that we’ll be able to get out of the neighborhood tomorrow.

I’m torn. Should I be wishing for it to turn to snow? Hell, if it was snowy this long we’d be covered and unable to get out of the neighborhood, too. And, snow is scary when you are not steady on your feet. Especially when you have just had surgery, the thought of falling is terrifying.

Ha, there I went right back to the surgery. I guess when something this major happens, there is not much you can do other than focus on it. I try to get away from it but, my brain keeps going back to “I had a large tumor on my kidney, the kidney was just removed 10 days ago. I hate renal cancer, and damnit my stomach hurts.”

Yeah, that’s about it right now, what can you do?