Daily Archives: December 14, 2008

A good day…

Today in pictures, plus some at the bottom of a special gift I received. There is also actual writing part way through the page. Have a great day.

Tre on Santa’s lap.

Tre eating pizza.

Making ornaments

Tre and Charlie saying I love you.

Granny, Tre, Charlie decorating cookies.

More cookie decorating.

Charlie on Santa’s lap

Charlie and pizza

Charlie decorating an ornament.

This is my special gift. If you notice it is a bat the size of a loveseat. The bat is a stuffed animal custom made for me. It is a familiar from the game Kingdom of Loathing. I have played KoL for 4 years and been a member of the clan Iocaine Powder for 3 of those years.

My clannies got together and commissioned this for me from another player who sews plushies of in-game items. Now, back in November when I went to KoLumbus (a KoL Meet in Columbus, Ohio.) I feel in love and bid on a tiny animal like this.

My clannie, Lauren, who was with me noticed this and remembered it and coordinated me getting my own giant cheshire bat.

This is Tre holding it.

Ignore the bloated scary suzy look at the cute bat.

Sleeping with the bat and with the lap blanket the wife of one of my clannies made me. Isn’t it pretty? And it is so warm. I am blessed with having so many dear friends from KoL who have been helping me through all of this cancer and cancer surgery crap.