Daily Archives: December 16, 2008

Christmas Tree

Mom put up the tree for us today, it isn’t with our collected ornaments but with some that were bought to solely have an easy tree to put together since our ornaments are way up in the attic and, well, yeah, as you can imagine we’ve all been a bit busy.

I watched the boys put a couple ornaments each up, took a couple pictures and it was back to bed for me. The past couple days have been very rough for me. My pain levels are staying high, I had 2 staples pull out last night and I am just tired of all of this. Knowing that this surgery real was life-saving doesn’t make it easier when you’re just completely tired of hurting all the time.

And, I’m sad that I am missing out on so many things that I like to do, no baking, no decorating, no crafting. I haven’t even put most of my cards I have received up as raising my arm above my head pulls on my incision.

Later this week I have 2 doctor’s appointments, in which I should get the rest of my staples removed and hopefully that will reduce that pain, even though I imagine the internal pain will be there for some time.

That is about all I have to say today, hopefully tomorrow I’ll start much earlier and actually have time to write a decent noncomplaining entry. Have a good one.

Charlie and Tre decorating the tree today after they got home.

an ornament grouping by the boys.


It’s been another long day my healing is taking a lot out of me and making me just miserable, which in turn makes everyone around me miserable.

I just got out of the shower and lost a staple, as well. That is more of what I need.

And, since I’m whining, look at the cute baby, instead. I promise an actual entry tomorrow.

Shawn and me right before I left for the hospital

Tony teaching Shawn how to say “I Love You” in sign language.